"This is an exhilarating story of political daring. It would be fascinating even if we did not know that the campaign Craig Shirley recounts was The Great Prologue. The world-shaping events of 1980-88 were made possible by what Ronald Reagan did in 1976."
George Will, Nationally syndicated columnist and commentator, ABC News

“Superbly written and meticulously researched, this is an important book that fills in some historical gaps of the election that would be the harbinger of the modern Republican Party of Ronald Reagan who would carry it to heights few could have imagined at that time.”
Senator Zell Miller

“Craig Shirley is an expert practitioner of politics, and this book about the 1976 election shows that he is an expert observer as well. There are by now countless books about the Reagan phenomenon, but this one is truly different: it is a detailed, gripping narrative of the campaign in which Conservative rebels came close to unseating a Republican president- and succeeded in laying the groundwork for the National Conservative resurgence of the 1980’s.”
Thomas L. “Dusty” Rhodes, Chairman, National Review

“Craig Shirley has done an invaluable service for future generations by filling in the previously untold details of a key part of the Ronald Reagan story. Reagan's Revolution shows how the man who would eventually lead the turnaround of the U.S. economy barely lost his party's nomination for president.”
Dr. Art Laffer, President, Laffer Associates

"Without Reagan's Revolution in 1976, there would never have been a President Reagan. This book is an important contribution to American history. It's a good read from beginning to end, showing how Reagan transformed the Grand Old Party and ultimately the entire country."
Larry Kudlow, Co-host of Kudlow & Cramer

"Ronald Reagan's 1976 campaign for president was written off by the political press as a losing effort by a political has-been. Craig Shirley, political consultant extraordinaire, shows just how wrong this was. Reagan's almost-successful insurgent campaign made him the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in 1980, and was essential to his achievements as president -- restoration of confidence in America and its economy and victory in the Cold War. Craig Shirley's account is a ripping good story."
Michael Barone, Senior Writer, U.S. News & World Report
Co-author, The Almanac of American Politics, Author, Our Country: The Shaping of America from Roosevelt to Reagan

“Craig Shirley has captured the drama, spirit and drive of the Reagan 1976 Campaign. This book is a must for anyone interested in reading about the beginning of the Ronald Reagan Prairie Fire. In many ways, this was the real campaign for the Presidency.”
Mike Deaver, Vice Chairman of Edelman Public Relations Worldwide

“Craig Shirley’s Reagan Revolution reminds us all that the “Reagan Revolution” really began in 1976, not in 1980. It is my firm conviction after reading this book that if Reagan had won the Republican nomination against Jerry Ford in ’76 he would have been swept into the White House that year in a landslide, America’s economic collapse of the late 1970s would have been averted, and the Cold War would have ended a decade earlier. At least the Republicans finally got it right in 2000!”
Stephen Moore, President, Club for Growth

"Craig Shirley has written a fascinating account of a nearly forgotten -- and losing -- campaign that paved the way for one of the most successful Presidencies in American history. Rich in detail and original reporting, this is required reading for anyone who seeks to understand fully how Ronald Reagan changed America and the world."
William Schulz, Executive Editor, Reader's Digest

“For at least a generation Craig Shirley's unique blend of guile and charm has assisted his conservative brethren in confounding and confusing their liberal enemies. Now this consummate political insider has placed the outside word in his debt by opening a window on the internal workings of one of the most momentous presidential campaigns in recent history. Read and enjoy!”
Robert Shogan, author, Constant Conflict: Politics, Culture and the Struggle for America’s Future

“Political writing at the highest level- insightful, candid, fast-paced. Washington insider Craig Shirley captures the high drama and high stakes of Ronald Reagan’s 1976 unsuccessful run for the Republican presidential nomination which laid the foundation for his historic victory in 1980.”
Lee Edwards, author of The Essential Ronald Reagan: A Profile in Courage, Justice and Wisdom and Distinguished Fellow in Conservative Thought, The Heritage Foundation

“Reagan’s near-miss campaign of 1976 was the most consequential loss since Barry Goldwater in 1964, and for the same reason. Even in losing, Reagan solidified what Goldwater had begun- the conservative takeover of the Republican Party, which set the stage for Reagan’s triumph four years later. The 1976 Reagan campaign has been largely ignored by political scientists and historians, which makes Craig Shirley’s thorough and definitive account an indispensable contribution to Reagan literature.”
Steven F. Hayward, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
Author, The Age of Reagan: The Fall of the Old Liberal Order, 1964-1980

"A thoroughly researched and factual account of one of the most exciting nomination fights in American history. Craig Shirley successfully captures all the drama and emotion from a political battle of historic proportions that ended in bitter disappointment for Ronald Reagan but also opened the door to his successful presidential campaign four years later. For those under the impression that Ron Reagan led a charmed political life, Shirley skillfully demonstrates that even for someone as uniquely gifted as Ronald Reagan, the road to the White House is a long and arduous one indeed."
Former Sen. Paul Laxalt

"Craig Shirley masterfully explains how the 1976 Republican primary established the critical pre-requistes for Ronald Reagan's successful race for the presidency in l980.”
Richard Wirthlin, CEO, Wirthlin Worldwide

“In 1976 I, a student at Indiana University, found myself campaigning for American conservatism's next Goldwater in the Indiana primary, Governor Ronald Reagan. He was a gent, the rarest of pols. I have long thought he came a lot closer to beating President Gerald Ford for the nomination than the puny histories of that primary record. Craig Shirley in this finely wrought narrative now tells us how “close the Governor came and that he was indeed the legitimate heir to Goldwater but much more. He was American conservatism on the brink of claiming the world stage. Shirley's is a story that has not been told before, and he tells it well.”
R. Emmett Tyrrell,Jr., Founder and editor in chief of The American Spectator

“American politics can be described as B.R. and A.R. Before Reagan and After Reagan. Shirley's fascinating, inside account shows us how and why Reagan was able to redefine the broad outlines of American government and politics.”
Larry J. Sabato: Director, University of Virginia Center for Politics

“The view from the canvas is highly educational. In this thoughtful and detailed book, Craig Shirley shows us how the seeds of Ronald Reagan's stunning political victory were sown in his only major defeat. Liberals, conservatives, and everyone who wants to learn about toughness, tenacity and triumph will love this book.”
Paul Begala, Co-host, CNN’s “Crossfire”

“With Reagan's Revolution, Craig Shirley plugs a long-standing but over-looked gap in modern American political history. Long-time political veterans will delight in reading about old and long-forgotten players who played important roles in the 1976 campaign and the development of the modern Republican Party. Younger political aficionados will learn about how some of today's political stars got started and where they came from.

Easy to read and well researched, Craig Shirley does a great job of taking advantage of the fact that many of the key and bit players, the behind-the-scenes people who give color and texture to events are alive and still able to tell their stories. Shirley fills an important void and does it well.”
Charlie Cook, Editor of The Cook Political Report

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